How Precious the Ground on Which We Stand

Jewish Values that Could Save the Earth

Sheldon Lewis - ISBN: 978-620-2-45530-5


Poems, Prayers, Torah

Diane Elliot - ISBN: 978-620-2-45532-9

Can One Recover Nazi Purloined Property

Obstacles to Retrieving Nazi Plunder

Arthur Finkle - ISBN: 978-620-2-45524-4

The Olmstead Legacy

Natural Beauty to Resurrect the Weary Soul in the Industrialized Age

Arthur L. Finkle - ISBN: 978-620-2-45526-8

Trying To Recover

A Novel

Nicole Czarnecki - ISBN: 978-620-2-45522-0

Jewish Exceptionalism?

Arthur L. Finkle - ISBN: 978-3-639-79463-2

Dear Heini

Letters from Walter Mayer to Heinrich Gorzelanczyk (Dalarne County, Sweden, 1941 – 1942)

Monica Gorlen Fallon - ISBN: 978-3-639-79478-6

My Heartchild

Letters from Gertrud Gorzelanczyk to her son Heinrich (Breslau, Germany, 1939 – 1942)

Monica Gorlen Fallon - ISBN: 978-620-2-45520-6

Torah, a Template for Healing

Herb Levy - ISBN: 978-3-639-79475-5